Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lessons Learned

My 2011 was a year of "learning lessons" for me.  Through the year I encountered many obstacles that taught me perseverance, loss, faith and love.  I know my "problems" are minor compared to some and that is how I cope.  Certainly the past year I learned to count my blessing and not be bogged down with the small stuff.  When the world hands you lemons . . . . . . make lemonade!  My driving force is always the three lovely beauties shown above.  I see a whole new world because of them and can't wait to "learn" more lessons with them by my side.

Carmella and Isabella


Midnight Mass 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Operation: Bunk Beds

As many of you know (including the three pictured above), my husband and I 
do not create children that sleep.  They do not like going to sleep and do not stay 
asleep at night.  I created a monster with #1 and decided to get her out of my bed
 she would have to bunk with a sister for transition.  I am in hopes that one day she 
will sleep in her own room but that may be several years (like 10 or more) 
down the road.  After our hike, a stop for dinner and still no sleeping kids,
I decided tonight was the night.  We drove over to see the bunk beds I picked
out online.  The girls loved them and we headed home four tired ladies!

Getting them ordered and delivered took some work but thanks to my wonderful 
family and a very kind friend it all happened.  The beds arrived and the girls
were thrilled.  The evidence is suggesting my plan will work but progress 
has been slow.  I think after a few weeks we should have the kinks worked out!

The layout is Gabi and Is on bottom and Mella on top.  I had no idea my
mother would text me five million times questioning my choice to let 
a three year old sleep on a top bunk by herself . . . . . well she did! 
After her fears were put to rest the girls had a great first night on their 
new beds.  My monkey children seem to think they double as a jungle
gym but I am sure the new will wear off????

I guess only time will tell if the new beds bring us all more sleep or not?  
If the bags under my eyes start shrinking and I begin to be a more 
interesting and alert person you will know it worked. 

A New Place to Roam

Looking over the edge of a rock where it splits.

We were recently given the opportunity to take a hike at a little piece of Green Country I never knew existed.  We can not wait to return with our Daddy-O when he gets back.  The trail takes your through rock areas, thick trees and even a grassland.  Absolutely amazing!  
Our little mushroom friend we brought along with us.

Gabi climbing on the rocks! (with a little help)

I wish I had taken more photos but the camera was tucked away in the back pack most of the time.  The girls loved seeing all of the beauty and challenging themselves on the trails.  Isabella got a little pooped and they all had to stop for snacks but we had fun.  I know we will return many times for more adventures and picnics!

Monday, January 3, 2011


This is a box of delicious chocolate bits of heaven, shipped straight from Belgium with love.  The girls (and fortunately myself) get packages from Uncle Eric frequently.  We have been working our way through many types, flavors and forms.  This one above has to be our favorite!

Isabella with her bar of chocolate!

Carmella showing off the good stuff!

"My precious!"

We are currently working on some delectable hot cocoa mix that was sent.  I am not sure I could ever get tired of chocolate.  Now I have the girls to help me eat it all.

Who needs gifts . . . . .

Isabella and Carmella playing in the boxes!

 . . . . when you have the boxes they came in.  The girls have such a great imagination and love creating their own "world" to live in.  They were in here hiding from the Big Bad Wolf. . . yikes!

Friday, December 24, 2010

On Top of Spaghetti . . . . . .

The girls favorite book lately has been, "On Top of Spaghetti" by Paul Brett Johnson.  We have seriously read it a dozen times over the past couple of days.  We started out reading it once a night but it has grown into a down right obsession.  Of course, after reading we must sing the song written by Tom Glazer and make sneezing noises throughout!
Gabi reading to her sisters and posing for Momma!
 We decided to add meatballs to the grocery list so we could have our very own spaghetti and meatball dinner.  The girls were so excited and we all had to take turns sneezing and protecting our meatballs!

So much for the fork????

"So if you eat spaghetti
 all covered with cheese,
hold on to your meatball
and don't ever sneeze!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching Up!!!!

We spent Thanksgiving with Meme and Papa.  Of course, the brothers and their families joined us.  The girls "helped" my mom in the kitchen to learn how to make her famous dressing.  I am the taste tester not the cook.  I did have to wash the dishes that night which was not fun . . . . I hate doing dishes!  The girls had a great time playing with their cousins and eating lots of turkey and sweets

Isabella and her art.
 We were able to make it to the Philbrook Family Day despite the Tahoe breaking down on us.  The girls and I walked to Mc D's, grabbed some lunch and ate in the back of the car while waiting on the tow truck. . . . great memories!  Meme drove up to save the day and we still had a great fun filled day of art.
Gabi with her masterpiece!
 I love watching the girls during art time.  It is amazing to see their little hands and minds working.  Each of them have their own take on projects.  Gabi is my perfectionist, Isabella is very thorough and Carmella is my statement maker.
Carmella was not interested in showing her art.